Movavi Video Editor Review

Finding the right video editor can be arduous, and more often than not you’re likely to come across powerful editors that are too complicated, or simple editors that have very limited features. Unfortunately neither of those extremes are ideal for most users, and you are probably looking for an editor that is powerful enough for you to come up with impressive videos – yet easy to use at the same time.

If that is what you’re looking for, you should definitely make it a point to try Movavi Video Editor. It is a video editor that is designed to make the user experience as easy and intuitive as possible, and simplifies a lot of the more complicated and technical areas of video editing in the process. Because of its approach it requires no prior experience, and even a complete beginner will be able to quickly learn the ropes and start to edit videos with it.

Part of the reason why Movavi Video Editor is so easy to use is because of its simple and clean user interface. Unlike some of the more crowded interfaces that you may have encountered, its features are neatly organized into tabs that makes navigating and locating the tools that you want extremely straightforward.

On top of that it is just as easy to apply the features and tools in Movavi Video Editor, as most are designed to utilize basic actions. That means that you’ll have to do nothing more than drag elements into place, adjust sliders, resize windows, or even just click a button to edit your video.

Considering how simplified Movavi Video Editor’s features are, it is easy to assume that they are relatively basic. Nothing could be further from the truth however, and its features are actually very potent and likely to exceed your expectations. Some of the ways in which you could edit your videos with its features include:

  • Compiling videos by merging clips together, splitting them into segments, removing unwanted parts and arranging segments in the right order.
  • Enhancing the quality of videos manually or automatically and fixing any issues with the video footage.
  • Adding audio tracks containing background music, voiceovers or other sound and editing it to remove background noise, normalize audio and improve it in other ways.
  • Applying artistic filters or unique special effects to make the video stand out visually.
  • Inserting text fields and customizing them to create captions, titles, subtitles or watermarks.
  • Including animated transitions between video segments to link them together.

Although that is just the tip of the iceberg it should give you an idea of what you can expect from Movavi Video Editor. Simply put with it in your hands you’ll have a comprehensive MP4 editor that you can use to improve your videos, or even create unique and amazing video content of your own. On your part the only thing you really need to take advantage of the tools that are available is a bit of creativity, and a few minutes to experiment and try them out.